“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.” — Robert L. Peters

2021 Positive Space: Submission Process: 

Hello students, please pay careful attention to the guidelines listed below. This year’s virtual show will require extra careful attention given to the details of the submission process. Due to the ongoing social distancing restrictions, all work will be judged digitally this year. All accepted and awarded work will also be exhibited digitally along with a virtual awards ceremony. (see the main page for details and links)

  • Important guidelines: 
    Formatting of images of your work, to be used for judging and if accepted included in the gallery, must be done as follows:
    1. File Naming – Category Abbreviation, underscore, first name and last name initial, a number if submitting multiple entries to a category, and a letter if submitting multiple images for an entry.
    – Example 1: CD_FirstL.jpeg (single entry in Corporate Design, Firstname Lastname initials)
    – Example 2: CD_FirstLA.jpeg (single entry in Corporate Design, with multiple images for the entry, A, B, C…)
    – Example 3: CD_FirstL1.jpeg (first of multiple entries by a person in Corporate Design)
    – Example 4: CD_FirstL1A.jpeg (first of multiple entries, with multiple images, A, B, C… by a person in Corporate Design)2. File Size – Download the .psd file below, and position each entry image within its frame. Then to save the image, go to File/Export/Save for Web, choose ‘JPEG’ for the file type and ‘High’ for the file quality. Please be sure the ‘.jpeg’  file extension is present on your file
    Format Template PSD (DOWNLOAD)

Submissions for 2021 are closed

2021 Categories
Interior Design:
Students may include all or some of the following: models, perspectives, plans, elevations, sections, concept development, process, boards, and materials – so long as the submittal is a cohesive design package.

ID – Micro (or small scale) Design (MD)
Interior Design projects that are less than 500sf, such as kiosks, exhibits, and hospital rooms.

ID – Residential Design (RD)
Interior Design projects that focus on living spaces of all sizes. Projects may be an individual area (such as kitchen or bathroom), or may include an entire living space design.

ID – Hospitality Design (HD)
Design projects for the hospitality sector, including hotels, restaurants, and retail design.

ID – Commercial Design (CD)
Projects for all commercial settings outside of the hospitality sector, such as corporate offices, healthcare spaces, and educational spaces.

Graphic Design:

GD – Package Design (PD)
All dimensional packed products including food, beverage, games, etc.

GD – UI / UX (UX)
The human-centered design practice of web and mobile interfaces and or digital media

GD – Branding (BR)
Logo and identity systems, integrated branding and promotional systems

GD – Publication (PB)
Books of all kinds, covers, brochures and anything in a sequential book format

GD – Typography (TY)
Projects demonstrating excellence in typography.

GD – Information Design (IF)
Any single or multiple piece visuals focusing on information-rich content


Film – Documentary (DC)
Any documentary film.

Film – Narrative (NR)
Any narrative film.

Film – Experimental (EX)
Any experimental film.

Film – Commercial (CM)
Any spec commercial piece.

Film – Animation / Special Effects (AS)
Any film that is fully animated or relies heavily on animation and/or special effects.

Film – Drone (DR)
Any film that is made up of at least 80% drone footage.


Illustration (IL)
Any illustration and image-based design pieces

Foundations (FD)
Projects demonstrating basic design elements and principles at work

3D Modeling (3D)
Handmade 3-dimensional work. Anything from life-size furniture,
to scale models, to foundation projects qualify.

Fine Art (FA)
All media, painting, collage, mixed-media, etc.

Photography (PH)
Original photographs in color, black/white, manipulated photographic images, drone photography and more