“There is no design without discipline. There is no discipline without intelligence.” — Massimo Vignelli


The La Roche University Design Division is dedicated to preparing students for professional practice. By maintaining accreditations, implementing curriculum that balances theory and application while supporting interdisciplinary experiences, the division focuses on teaching students to create rich interactions that transform human experiences. The Division supports the Universities’ global mission by emphasizing the value and exploration of social and cultural awareness.


The Design Division seeks to empower and prepare students for professional practice by providing a socially conscious, holistic design approach. Through actively maintaining a rich learning environment that places equal importance on creativity, diversity, sustainability, and human experience we will empower students to be inquisitive, conceptual, strategic and collaborative. The Design Division strives to be transformative, innovative, and at the forefront of design education by inspiring our students to be actively engaged in their education, using multidisciplinary studies to make meaningful impact in both local and global communities as well as the design profession.