“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.” — Jeffrey Zeldman


The La Roche University Graphic Design Department encourages intellectual curiosity, interdisciplinary collaboration, conceptual thinking, social awareness, and individual creativity. We educate and prepare students to be proactive leaders in the ever-changing design profession. In line with La Roche Universities’ mission, we place the utmost importance on an education that will ultimately empower our graduates to effectively use design as a means to shape culture and affect positive change in society.


Graphic designers create communications that educate, advocate and entertain. From the small hang tag on a piece of clothing to the oversized billboards in Times Square, from the books we read as children to the textbooks we learned from in school; from the magazines we read to the web sites we visit and the films and videos we watch – Graphic Design is literally everywhere.

For almost 40 years, La Roche University graphic design students have gone on to become professional graphic designers, art directors, illustrators, interactive designers and publication designers. They work at firms such as Apple, American Eagle, Brunner Advertising, Lockerz, and MAYA Design creating logos and branding, designing packaging and brochures, developing ad campaigns and producing TV, web and print ads.

Our current faculty, many of whom are practicing graphic designers or exhibiting artists, are able to bring their real-world knowledge back into the classroom to facilitate the best learning opportunities for our students. Our low faculty-to-student ratio allows students to connect with their professors on a level that allows them to grow and find their individual creative voice.


Our curriculum is a well-structured and rigorous program that serves as a basis for the investigative study necessary for upper-level design courses. Almost three fourths of the course work is in major requirements, major electives, foundation courses or art history. Students spend a considerable amount of time in studio interacting with other students and their professors, immersing themselves in their major.

Freshman Review
At the end of the spring semester, faculty meet with each freshman student to review his or her work. This review is informal and is an opportunity for students to discuss their first year at La Roche with the faculty.

Sophomore Review
At the end of their sophomore year, students are required to present a portfolio of their work to the Graphic Design faculty for their Sophomore Review. Students must have completed all required freshman and sophomore Graphic Design coursework, earning a C or better in each course, to be allowed to participate in the Review.



  • Computer Graphics I
  • Foundation Design I
  • Computer Graphics II
  • Foundation Design II
  • Drawing I


  • Typography I
  • Digital Publishing
  • Graphic Design
  • Art History I
  • Digital Photography
  • Graphic Design I
  • Interactive I
  • History of Graphic Design


  • Graphic Design II
  • Interactive II
  • Typography II
  • Art History II
  • Graphic Design III
  • Multimedia
  • History of Contemporary Art
    or History of Film
  • Major Electives
    (e.g. Illustration, Environmental Graphic Design, Advanced Web, Publication Design for Print & Web)


  • Senior Design Seminar
  • Digital Prepress and
  • Package Design
  • Portfolio Preparation
  • Senior Design Capstone
  • Internship
  • Major Electives
    (e.g. Illustration, Environmental Graphic Design, Advanced Web, Publication Design for Print & Web)


Graphic Design Major
All Graphic Design Minors (Graphic Design Minor, History of Visual Arts Minor, Photography Minor, and Visual Communications Minor)

Web Design and Development Minor (currently being re-written)


Graphic Design Brochure