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Interior Design – Anna DeArmit

I was drawn to interior design (as cliché as it sounds) by simply wanting to make people happy in their environment. I have noticed how different interior spaces affect people, positively and negatively, and want to offer what I know however I can. Aside from…

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Graphic Design – Angelo Bonnoni

People are surprised when I tell them that graphic design was not my first choice when starting college; it was radiologic technology. I changed my major to graphic design because I enjoyed making posters in prior school projects. I gave it a try and I’m…

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Interior Design – Lisa Anitori

Hi, my name is Lisa Anitori! From a young age, I knew I wanted to work in a creative field that would allow me to solve problems and make an impact on people and the world. As a high school student, this led me to…

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Interior Design – Rheanna Abel

I thought my days of obsessing over technology and spending countless hours working with a team for robotics competitions would end after high school…turns out I was wrong. I carried my love for creative problem solving in the industry of design through interiors and photography. You can find…

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Film – Scott VanGrootenbruel

On my first day of community college, I picked up my phone and started filming random parts of my life. This would lead to me becoming a YouTuber and taking an interest in telling a story. I would never look back as I learned how…

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Film – Rebecca Maier

When I was young, I remember my grandfather having a hard time using the disposable film camera to take family photos. At a young age, I distantly remember offering to take them one day and my whole family was shocked that they were all in…

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